“I’m a boy.”

One of the many things I had to tell one Professor Burch while sitting at the back of a moving truck. When we finally made it to the new house in Hoenn there was so much relief, my journey would finally start after such a long wait. Machops from the moving company handled the unloading of the furniture so all I had to do was head up to my room and start exploring. Mother called me over to see Father on the telly, we just barely missed a news report about him. She went on telling me how Father’s old friend lived right next door and that I should see him.

I oblige and make my way next door. I enter the house only to find only the lady of the house, she tells me her husband has gone exploring so I search for him with haste. As I enter route 101, there was a cry for help. A man in a lab coat was being chased around by a Zigzagoon. Immediately I lept into action, saw a satchel bag on the floor with three Pokeballs. After much consideration I picked Torchic and named him “Kungfu Chick”. To the rescue I was, battling off the Zigzagoon until I finally got it to faint.

Fast forward and I got to meet Professor Burch’s daughter May who had a large ribbon on her head. We became friends and she taught me the ropes to becoming a Pokemon Master. Soon I found myself trekking forward, into the wild grass attempting my first catch.

As I walked along the tall grass in Route 101, a wild Pokemon emerged! It was a Wurmple. The small frail thing was no match for KungFu Chick, so I summoned my trusty starter to weaken my target. With a tackle Wurmple was already weakened so it was time to whip out a Pokeball. After a few wiggles, the Pokeball shut tight and captured the little worm. I name her “Wurmie”.

With KungFu Chick and Wurmie in hand, I started exploring toward Route 102. After beating two trainers, a Zigzagoon jumped out at me while I was walking through the tall grass. KungFu Chick sprang into action with a tackle. I saw that the wild Zigzagoon was hurt so I threw a Pokeball but it broke free! I tried yet another Pokeball but to no avail. Not wanting to risk knocking out the Zigzagoon, I switched Wurmie in to chip away at it. A few weak tackles later, I had Zigzagoon ready to be captured. Out went the Pokeball and in went the Zigzagoon. I named him “Ziggy dawg” because that’s what he is.

More adventures await, but the first day of adventuring had to come to an end.

Adventure started on 11/21/2014

ID No.: 33991

Date: 11/21/2014

Trainer: Toby

Pokemon added: Torchic [Kungfu Chick] (Professor Burch), Wurmple [Wurmie] (Route 101), Zigzagoon [Ziggydawg] (Route 102)

Pokemon in party: Kungfu Chick Lv. 9, Wumie Lv. 3, Ziggydawg Lv. 5

Number of badges: 0

Play time: 0:46

Graveyard: None

Trainers defeated: 2

Pokemon caught 2IMG_4557.JPG


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